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Из серии выходное развлекательное, своего рода продолжение поста Про медведЕй

5 Capture.PNG
4 Boris Johnson with Millwall mascot Zampa the Lion.jpg
3  14384-1563804364-1.jpg
2 Boris_Johnson_-holding_a_red_model_bus_-2007.jpg

20 6805374-1160x759.jpg
14  50550287_010892553-1.jpg

18  30992156-8541055-image-a-4_1595278801080.jpg
17 __Capture.PNG
16  images.jpg
15 images (5) bad.jpg
13  Boris Johnson is delighted with Adam Jones's kind gift of a signed figurine.jpg
12 Elmo and Lord Buckethead are standing behind him, and yet Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is still the biggest muppet in this picture.jpg
11 Prime Minister Boris Johnson holding a toy tiger during a visit to Haven Perran Sands Holiday Park.jpg

10  Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a visit to Haven Perran Sands Holiday Park in Perranporth, Cornwal.jpg
9 Johnson, in 2010 when he was London mayor, with South Africa World Cup Soccer mascot Zakumi at Trafalgar Square in London..jpg
8  BorisJohnson not good.jpg
7  enhanced-buzz-16344-1412016674-17.jpg
6  Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made clear, much to the frustration of Conservative critics, that he wants to expand trade ties with China and ma…
19 Capmture.PNG

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